About ScienceNordic

About ScienceNordic.com - independent news on research in the Nordic countries

ScienceNordic, launched in November 2011, is the trusted English-language source for science news from the Nordic countries. We cover science in the broadest sense – the human sciences as well as natural science, health and technology.

ScienceNordic is the result of a joint effort from two well-established science news services, Forskning.no in Norway and Videnskab.dk in Denmark, both which cover science news in the other Nordic countries.

Our team of experienced science reporters and editors follow the regional scientific communities closely and report on the latest and greatest discoveries.

Videnskab.dk and Forskning.no are both highly regarded, award-winning science news services, published in Danish and Norwegian respectively. Both disseminate national and international science news through their independent editorial offices.

Our content is targeted toward the global research community: researchers, students, the business sector, innovation clusters, international institutions and media – along with anybody else with an interest in science.

Content from Forskning.no and Videnskab.dk may be made available in English on ScienceNordic, and content produced for ScienceNordic may similarly be published in the local languages on Forskning.no and Videnskab.dk.

ScienceNordic is published online and is available to all.

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