Danish scientists go back to school

See what ScienceNordic’s partner Videnskab.dk is getting up to as part of the 2017 Danish Science Festival.

The annual Danish Science Festival will soon be taking place, with 600 science orientated events and more than 75,000 citizens taking part.

The festival promotes the fundamental element of scientific endeavour, curiosity, to the next generation of budding scientists and engineers.

The festival creates meeting places for scientists and the public, and addresses how research and innovation can help to solve challenges of society.

Events throughout the festival aim to encourage the public to enter into the world of research and foster new relationships between research and society.

The festival is supported by the Danish Ministry of Science and Education.

Schools can “Book a Scientist”

Schools and students of all ages from around the country are encouraged to actively participate in the festival.

For example, a varied program of events will encourage older students can help tackle issues related to research ethics, while younger students can enjoy special programs designed to immerse them in a particular branch of scientific endeavour.

In the run up to the festival, scientists and schools around the country are being called upon to take part in the Festival’s “Book a Scientist Scheme”.

The scheme connects scientists with a local school, to share their experiences of the world of scientific research with the next generation of budding scientists and engineers.

Scientists encouraged to take part

This year, ScienceNordic’s Danish partner, Videnskab.dk, is organising the “Book a Scientist Scheme.”

The scheme aims to promote the reputation of Danish science throughout the country, by arranging for scientists, whether they speak Danish or English, to communicate their research to the general public.

Scientists who wish to take part should submit a short description of their field of research via the website.

Videnskab.dk will collate and edit all entries into an online database where interested groups can search and book a scientist of their choosing.

Scheme opens 1st March

The website will be open from 1st March for all interested groups to browse and book a visit from one of the registered scientists.

The scheme is open to everyone, including school kids of all ages and interested organisations. For example, library groups, private companies, special interest societies, or simply a group of people who want to hear more about a particular branch of science.

For interested groups, the only requirement is that you must guarantee an audience of at least 20 people and that you can find a suitable venue to host the visit.

The festival runs from April 25th for one week. Read more about the festival in Danish at Videnskab.dk.


Read the Danish version of this article on Videnskab.dk

Translated by: Catherine Jex

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