A new study from Aarhus University concludes that "New Nordic food is just food". (Foto: Shutterstock)

New Nordic food is a niche

On the 10th anniversary of the concept “New Nordic food”, researchers from Aarhus University have investigated its social and financial influence on society. They found that only few people have taken Nordic food to heart.

Nordic food focuses on Nordic ingredients and food traditions. According to the new study, most people perceive Nordic food as a niche food culture.

The researchers predict that eventually new Nordic food will simply be looked upon like any other food. However, the values behind the concept will live on, writes National Center for Food and Agriculture, DCA, in the press release.

'New Nordic Food will ultimately just be food, like any other, with an increasing number of consumers and food companies focusing on the values and competences behind it, but less so, present it as new Nordic,” the researchers told DCA.

In the study, the researchers conducted 31 interviews with players in the Danish food industry including: front figures, retail, food service, food manufacturers (large and small), restaurants and tourism. 

In particular, they assessed whether the values and competencies behind Nordic food helps to create an experience for customers and provide financial gains.

From the interviews they deduced that new Nordic food is very much considered a niche which only few have truly taken to heart.


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Translated by: Louisa Field

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