What are the hottest trends in neuroscience?

Join us live as we bring you the latest from the world’s smartest brains who are gathering in Copenhagen is just a few days time.

(Video: Kristian H. Nielsen / ScienceNordic.com)

What does the latest research tell us about depression, our sexual behaviour while we sleep, infections and schizophrenia, and how exercise helps children learn?

We will be getting answers to these questions and more from some of the 6,000 brain scientists who are headed to Copenhagen, Denmark, this weekend for Europe’s largest brain science conference, the ‘FENS Forum of Neuroscience.’

Some of the smartest brains will be gathering to discuss the latest scientific research on how our brains and nervous system works. ScienceNordic will of course be there to report live on the event as it unfolds.

This year, ScienceNordic will be hosting the ‘Speakers Corner’ on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, where scientists will be invited to take to the stage with brief and concise presentations of the latest trends and developments within neuroscience. You can watch the talks through our live stream from the conference.

Relaxed format brings discussions back down to Earth

Scientific discussions can often get rather complex at a conference like this. So this year, the hosts (the Danish Society for Neuroscience) have introduced a new format: ‘Speakers Corner.’

It is inspired by the phenomena from London’s Hyde Park, where anyone can stand up and speak their mind.

“Speakers Corner provides an opportunity to try out new presentation techniques and get discussion flowing,” says Nicolas Caesar Petersen, lecturer at the University of Copenhagen and chairman of the FENS host committee. “Digital media allows for new effective and quick changes that we want to introduce. At the same time, the audience can join in with the discussions.”

‘Speakers Corner’ is brought to you by ScienceNordic and sponsored by the Lundbeck Foundation.

Follow all the events live on ScienceNordic and send us your questions by email or social media and we’ll put them to the clever brains on stage.


The program line-up is subject to change but the time slots are fixed. Tune in to ScienceNordic at these times for all the latest from ‘Speakers Corner.’


12.15-12.45         PubTalk presentations – by FENS/Kavli Network of Excellence

  • Johannes J. Letzkus: Stay flexible: how we learn and remember
  • Manuel Mameli: Hooked and Hijacked! My brain is on drugs!
  • Tara Spires-Jones: Illuminating Brain Changes in Dementia

14.45-15.15         Future trends in neuroscience

  • Florian Engert, Harvard University



12.15-12.45         Human Brain Project

  • Albert Gjedde, University of Copenhagen
  • Costas Anastassiou, Allen Institute

14.45-15.15         Addiction

  • Christian Luscher, Université de Genève
  • Ulrik Gether, University of Copenhagen


12.15-12.45         Threee Minute Thesis / Poster pitches

  • Alessandra Chiara Folci, Medizinische Universität Graz
  • Adam Edwards, Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute
  • Jane Wu, The University of Auckland
  • You? Sign up if you’re interested!

14.45-15.15         Science & Cocktails – science communication LIVE

  • Jácome Armas, Science & Cocktails
  • Kavli PubTalks
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Translated by: Catherine Jex

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