Stephen Hawking will be in Sweden this summer, discussing the very existence of black holes. The public event is part of a weeklong international conference on black holes and Hawking radiation. (photo: Flickr)

Stephen Hawking public lecture in Sweden this summer

Stephen Hawking will be in Stockholm, Sweden, for an international conference discussing black holes and Hawking radiation -- as part of the event he will give a public lecture on August 24th.

As part of an international conference to be held at the end of August in Stockholm, Sweden, a group of leading scientists from around the world will gather to debate some of the fundamental topics of physics -- The existence of singularities in black holes, whether they are affected by Hawking radiation, and whether information can ever be lost in the Universe.

As part of the conference, Stephen Hawking will give a public lecture: "Quantum Black Holes" at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 24th at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. Tickets are available at through the conference website.

"I am delighted to visit Sweden to attend this important conference on Hawking radiation and give a public lecture on quantum black holes." Hawking says in a press release from the conference organisers.

Hawking will be discussing his claim from earlier last year, that black holes may not in fact exist, and together the physicists will discuss a fundamental debate in modern physics: the so-called ‘information loss paradox’. Do black holes form according to Einstein’s theory of gravity? In which case, information is lost through the black holes. Alternatively, does quantum theory hold up, stating that information in the universe can never truly disappear?

"We expect to bring together a historic meeting with many of the preeminent scholars in modern physics. In all likelihood, we will never have so many of them in the same place again, trying to solve one of the most fundamental questions related to black holes and the nature of space-time,” says Katie Freese in a press release, director of Nordita, The Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, and co-sponsor of the conference.



For more information and links for ticket sales, please refer to the conference website via Nordita.

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